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This is a space where the community of midwives and people interested in birth can find resources to improve their skills and knowledge. You are in the right place, I know you want to improve and our team will guide you step by step.

Following our style with which thousands of midwives and students have already learned, the methodology of the courses has a British brand from start to finish. Innovative and pioneering, we have created a dynamic and entertaining system that will guide you by offering information in the most current formats.

The world of birth is changing dramatically and is facing enormous challenges. We know that you are preparing for it, that you want to be able to care for women and their families in the best possible way and we are going to help you achieve this.

Why use our virtual platform?

Nuestro programa tanto presencial como virtual tiene una metodológia basada en el modelo Británico. El formato ya contrastado con el que han aprendido millones de matronas a través de vídeos, artículos, cuestionarios y debates sobre el tema.

Contenidos bajo la última evidencia científica en temas prioritarios de la matronería. Información para tener conocimientos actualizados usando la educación virtual al alcance de la mano.   

Únete a la comunidad de Matronería alrededor del mundo y comparte tus experiencias profesionales. Nuestro aprendizaje virtual es una manera fácil y sencilla de debatir sin fronteras.

Obstetric Emergencies Course

The birth of a baby can occur abruptly anywhere. The midwives must know when to intervene if necessary, giving the best possible care to the women and their babies. By taking this course, you will improve your skills as a professional during the emergencies that can arise in a childbirth. We have been inspired by the British model of online courses in which the annual and online training is mandatory for all professionals who attend childbirth.

Prepare yourself for the handling of: Shoulder dystocia, postpartum hemorrhage, cord prolapse and neonatal resuscitation.

This course is essential for independent and competent healthcare personnel

Updated Perineal Suture Course

With this completely virtual course, learn how to prevent tears, correctly diagnose, anesthetize and repair perineal trauma after vaginal childbirth.

All the steps are demonstrated in detail with animations and explanatory videos. Learn the best suture technique, which material to use, the different knots, stitches. In addition to recommendations during pregnancy, postpartum and wound healing.

This course is indispensable for independent and competent health care personnel.