As a midwife, it is evident to me that I want to create a practical training program with an international vision.

Our mission is to bring out the full potential of midwives, increase their confidence, self-esteem and improve their knowledge. Because the impact of their work on women’s lives is invaluable, and I am speaking from my own experience.

The key to this is to provide up-to-date practical teaching to as many places as possible, starting with my own country, Spain.

  • An unbeatable team of professionals, we can travel to wherever you are.
  • We would like to invite you to participate in a quality program and guaranteed teaching.
  • Small groups: practice over and over again in a safe environment.
  • We are endorsed by the excellent evaluation of midwives and obstetricians in different countries.
  • Taught in English with simultaneous translations.

Our duty is to facilitate access to training based on the latest scientific evidence by expert teachers trained in the United Kingdom.  The main objective is to make these courses available to all midwives who require them anywhere in the world.


We are experts with proven talent! In addition to being great teaching professionals. Our teachers are still attending childbirths, publishing articles and being present in the international scene of the world of childbirth.


We are going to come to you, we travel around Spain taking our training to different cities. We like remote places and perhaps you will find us very far from the big cities.


Your learning is assured! Our courses have limited places, so we ensure that your learning expectations are covered. The teaching method is based on practice.

Updated Perineal Suture Course

  • You will improve your confidence to stitch first and second degree tears, labia or repair an episiotomy.
  • You will learn the latest suture and knotting technique.
  • You will repeat as many times as you require under the close supervision of Shahla Bakhtiari.
  • You will learn from the experiences of your classmates.

Biomechanics: Moving towards an easy childbirth

«Biomechanics: Moving towards an easy childbirth», is a project created due to the demand of colleagues who have witnessed the effectiveness of these techniques. It offers midwives the opportunity to fully support women by helping to correct the wrong position in a gentle and logical way while addressing the root cause.


After this course, you will feel confident to offer solutions that will help the baby to pass through the pelvis and birth canal in an optimal position. You will learn techniques that can help in the following cases:


  • Avoiding instrumental childbirths.
  • Relieve continuous back and pelvic pain during labour.
  • Solve problems during labour, including prolonged labour.
  • Reducing the length of labour.
  • Reducing the need for analgesia during labour.
  • Help to increase positive birth experiences by supporting physiological birth.


Obstetric Emergencies Course

Improve your skills as a professional during emergencies that may arise during an out-of-hospital childbirth.

Training and retraining in obstetric emergencies is essential to ensure quality childbirth care. We have chosen the British model in which the annual and mandatory training is multidisciplinary (Drills and Skills).