What is a consultant?

Someone who advises people on a particular topic. Helena Eyimi offers updated information worldwide. Knowing what happens beyond our borders and working in other places enriches your perspective as a health professional on the care of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

What services does Helena Eyimi Consultancy offer?

  • Lectures at international congresses and conferences in English, Spanish and Italian.
  • Teaching in public and private academic institutions.
  • Interviews in the media.
  • Advice on clinical guidelines and protocols.

Our company is advised by large organizations such as DIT, UEA, Enterprise Europe network and GOV.UK


by sending an email to Hello@Helenaeyimi.com

Our audience found her discourse fascinating and inspiring. I hope you enjoyed the evening and we look forward to working with you more in the future.

Sam Haylett, UEA Student Enterprise

All the attendees left the conference very satisfied, motivated and wanting more, in order to continue reading, working and building a path in Chile, which so far has created many reservations and where there is much work to be done to accomplish the care of women in a " more humane " way. Our students in particular, loved it, it is always important for them to hear other stories, other ways of working, to know other realities, so thank you for that. Hopefully we will be able to do other things together when all of this passes.

Universidad de San Sebastián, Chile

Dear Helena, the comments were all very good, you generated enthusiasm, in empowering midwifery, and your approach to people was very professional. You provided valuable information and resources and we are very grateful!

Silvia Corso, Asociación Argentina de Parteras Independientes – AAPI

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